Monday, January 21, 2008

Conservatism Is...

The most amazingly accurate description of conservatism comes from John Hood at NRO Symposium:
The conservative movement constitutes an alliance of those who accept unchangeable facts rather than trying to wish fantasy into reality, remake human nature, or avoid economic tradeoffs. Traditionalists embrace timeless morals, even when they deny one immediate gratification. Libertarians embrace the sovereignty of consumer demand and the sometimes-disorienting effects of technological change, even when the result isn’t to one’s personal liking. And hawks embrace the reality that America lives in a dangerous neighborhood, one full of bullies, pirates, and fanatics who respond to gestures of good will with contempt, larceny, and brutality.
As Mona Charen says on The Corner: "Clip that paragraph and keep it in your wallet as a reminder during the challenging times ahead. "

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